It’s great when we take on major brands as we get to see new innovative products. We are pleased to announce that we now supply the entire Hyundai Power Products range. They offer a diverse range of solutions for the garden and construction industry. Kieran Powell, General Manager at Radmore and Tucker comments, “The Hyundai Power Products are high quality and the support they offer us is excellent and what you would expect from such a prominent global brand. They really have focused on providing a concise portfolio that we are proud to offer to our clients.”

Hyundai Petrol & LPG Generators

For reliable power to keep your home, business or construction site up and running, Hyundai offer an extensive selection of generators. With power cuts increasing in frequency around the UK, a generator is now becoming an essential investment for keeping your premises powered around the clock. To keep power tools and equipment powered throughout the working day on-site, generators are a cost-effective solution for both small and large scale construction and commercial requirements. Inverter generators are the most compact, lightweight and quiet generators in the Hyundai range, ideally suited for powering caravan, motorhome and camping holidays, with the option to be converted to run off LPG.

Hyundai Garden Machinery

The Hyundai garden machinery range features something for every gardening task, from lawn mowers and grass trimmers, to chainsaws and leaf blowers. The range consists of both 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol powered models, but also a brand new 60v lithium-ion battery range, which enables safe, clean and green gardening with no petrol, no cables and no pollution.

Hyundai Pressure Washers

Hyundai pressure washers provide the very best cleaning performance, whether you need a petrol or diesel model. These portable pressure washers make it simple to clean in locations where there’s no source of mains power, and they’re equipped with world renowned Annovi Reverberi pumps, which makes all the difference when it comes to the quality and reliability of the cleaning performance.

Hyundai Water Pumps

For transferring large bodies of water quickly and effectively, you’ll find the right water pump for you in the Hyundai range. For large scale professional and agricultural use, or for flood prevention, you should browse our petrol water pumps and diesel water pumps. For small scale domestic and gardening requirements, we also have a large selection of electric submersible water pumps.

Hyundai Air Compressors

The selection of Hyundai air compressors is also extensive and vast, featuring models which are suitable for hobbyist users, all the way up to the most demanding industrial requirements. Choose from belt drive, direct drive, petrol engine or rotary screw air compressors to power your air tools and equipment.

Hyundai Power Tools

To make DIY and home improvement tasks as quick and easy as possible, the Hyundai power tool range feature both corded electric and cordless lithium-ion battery models. Built for robust work, with an emphasis on speed and precision, these tools are affordable, easy-to-use and will provide a professional finish every time.

Take a look at our full range of Hyundai Power Parts here

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