Stihl Blowers and Vacuum Shredders

When it comes to maintaining your garden, STIHL blowers and vacuums come in handy to help make your work easy and fast. Whether it’s grass cutting, fallen leaves or general debris, you are guaranteed that nothing can withstand their robust blow as everything is cleaned thoroughly and quickly. The STIHL vacuum shredders collect huge chunks of cut grass, fallen leaves or trimmings which is magnificently shredded simultaneously for use in mulching or composting.

There are a variety of STIHL blowers and vacuum shredders that make your work more efficient and quick to execute. Some of them include:

STIHL’s high-performance petrol handheld blowers come in handy when getting rid of wet layers of leaves and also tackling grass, clippings and small branches. These handheld blowers are easy to operate as they are ergonomically crafted to make your work much easier.

The STIHL electric blower which is easy to maintain and use can be used in clearing up pavements and gardens together with other areas of the environment. This electric blower has a highly effective noise reduction feature with a robust blower capacity. The electric blower capacity can be converted into a vacuum unit with a catcher bag for gathering and flattening large wastes when combined with the active vacuum kit adapter.

The STIHL handheld blower without exhaust release has full mobility. The STIHL blower also offers a conducive environment for your neighbours as it is quiet and powerful and can be of great use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. The blower offers a high-performance 36V lithium-ion battery blower making your job fast to execute. This high-performance machine cleans with only the push of a button as it has a powerful lithium-ion battery with high torque.

STIHL backpack blowers are mostly used for efficiently and effectively clearing grass, fallen leaves or waste items from public areas. Most of the models are equipped with an electronic ignition and multi-function control handle. Accessories such as curved and flat nozzles, chest belt, hip belt and a bike handle are also available to blend with the product.

The STIHL vacuum shredders gather and collect large chunks of cut grass, fallen leaves and trimmings and shred them consecutively. The organic material can later be used for mulching or composting when the original volume is reduced down. You can also convert the vacuum shredder to a robust blower also to get maximum performance.

The low noise STIHL electric vacuum shredder gives you the advantage of blowing, collecting and shredding wastes in one machine. This STIHL electric vacuum performs quietly but powerfully, properly executing its tasks despite its small size and lightweight.
Choosing the best blower or vacuum cleaner can be quite tedious especially not being aware of what or how certain equipment work. And so if you are unsure or torn between different products that suit your needs, please feel free to contact the staff of our well-informed sales team who will be glad to guide you make an informed

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