Stihl Chainsaw and Telescopic Pole Pruners

Interested in a chainsaw or telescopic-pole pruner? We, at Radmore & Tucker, can assist you, with our wide range from Stihl that will cater to all your domestic or industrial needs. Our range of Stihl chainsaws are available in petrol, electric or battery-powered versions, with the chainsaw models ranging from domestic-light-weight models for garden use, pruning of branches, and cutting firewood, right up to heavy-duty chainsaws for use by professionals in agriculture and forestry applications. The telescopic-pole pruners are available in either a petrol or battery-powered range. The available machines in the Stihl range will ensure that you are spoilt for choice.

Stihl chainsaws pride themselves that they set the international standard for all chainsaws with their innovative use of technology which combines high performance, low weight and optimal use of ergonomics in their design of chainsaws. They offer a range of saws for general use in your garden and specialist use in forestry, agriculture, orchards, plantations, and rescue operations. The saws are used by homeowners, gardeners, farmers, arborists and rescue personnel. The available power ratings range from 1.2 kW up to 6.4kW, available in petrol, cordless battery or electric.

The Stihl petrol range features a large number of chainsaws which are available in their compact series for grounds maintenance and firewood cutting, medium-duty for agriculture and landscaping use, and their mid-range professional saws for forestry use. They also offer specialised saws for arborists and emergency services.

The Stihl electric chainsaws with its very low noise levels are the perfect option to use in any area where noise can be a problem, indeed the perfect chainsaw to use indoors and in residential areas. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use at all times while the powerful motor ensures effortless operating with protection against overloading.

The range of Stihl battery-powered chainsaws offers the user a lightweight, user-friendly chainsaw which does the job effortlessly. The long-lasting Li-ion battery pops in easily and can be used in other Stihl cordless tools as well. The silent operation makes wearing of hearing protection unnecessary, the Noise Abatement Society regards the chainsaw as one of the quietest available. The ergonomic shaped handles and grip controls ensure comfortable use and stability.

The Stihl telescopic-pole pruner available in petrol or cordless battery power is the ideal tool for pruning and maintaining trees. The pruner effortlessly cuts thick branches with its high torque and can reach up to 5 metres. The cordless pruner is ideally suited for work in areas where noise must be limited like residential areas and hospitals, the quiet operation makes the wearing of hearing protection unnecessary.
Don’t delay ordering your high-performance Stihl chainsaw and telescopic-pole pruner, to effortlessly complete your work. If you need any assistance or more information call our professional sales team who will be glad to assist you.

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