Stihl Construction Machinery

Finding suitable construction equipment is essential for tackling any construction project. With Stihl construction machinery, you are sure to turn any difficult project into a quick and simple activity. The merchant boasts a versatile range of construction machinery for commercial and domestic use; it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate type for your project. If you are looking for quality cut-off saws, you can count on Stihl machinery. The saws have a durable build and are easy to handle on construction sites, roads and when used for emergency activities. You are confident of getting good value for money thanks to their uncompromising quality and reliability.

For demanding construction jobs, you should consider Stihl’s petrol cut-off machines. Their servicing costs are incredibly low, which reduces the overall cost of production and keeps your profitability figures high.

Alternatively, you may opt for a cordless Li-ion cut-off machine for cutting metal, roofing tiles, bricks and paving blocks. Stihl boasts a new nine-inch cordless cut-off machine, which is extremely light, making it ideal for eco-conscious users. It uses emission-free technology, thus can be operated indoors and outdoors. It is also equipped with vacuum and water accessories that minimise the amount of dust produced when cutting. The merchant also stocks a range of accessories for both petrol-powered and cordless cut-off machines, including the wheel kit, the cutting direction indicator, the pressurised water container, the mounting system conversion kit and the Mudguard for FW cart, among other essential parts.

In this category, you will also find a range of cutting wheels for cutting machines. They are available in different models, including the asphalt, diamond for concrete, abrasive cutting wheels and those made of natural stone. Stihl cutting wheels are designed to the highest of quality hence, you are sure of getting exceptional performance and accuracy.

An earth auger is an essential component of any construction project. The device is designed for a range of uses, including drilling planting holes, obtain soil samples and extracting underground water, among other applications. Stihl merchant has a variety of one-person auger machines, including the BT 131 that comes equipped with an additional safety feature. The category also has handheld drills like the BT 45 using for drilling planting holes and wood. Stihl also provides an extensive range of accessories of earth auger to make it as versatile as possible. You will find accessories for shaft extensions, drilling holes of different diameters and special planting tools. The merchant also provides accessories for the handheld wood drill, including the carrying handle for the BT 45, the planting auger and the wood drill bits.

If you are still not sure about the construction machinery you need for your project, contact a member or our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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