Stihl Cordless Power Systems

STIHL has a variety of cordless tools that range from simple gardening and house maintenance to professional tools. Each of the tools combines ergonomics with ease of use and light to make them ideal for handy tasks. They are also compact and come with two durable batteries that retain the charge for reasonable periods to enable you to complete your work in one go. If you are working on a garden or home maintenance tasks such as trimming fences, mowing or clearing the path of wheels, the set of cordless is the effective tools you need to work efficiently.

The cordless power tools for small gardens are simple tools designed to help with tasks around the home. They have an ergonomic handle and in-built rechargeable battery that you can use right away after charging. They include cordless blowers, hedge trimmers, shrub shears and grass trimmers. Using power tools is easy and does not require training. You do not need to hire a workforce to maintain your outdoors as it takes a few minutes to complete the work.

The compact power tools make medium level tasks fast, easy and effective. These tasks include mowing a medium-sized garden, cutting trees and shrubs, and clearing paths in larger compounds. They have durable, high power batteries that ensure that you complete your tasks before recharging the battery once again. You can also buy an additional pair of batteries and a charger for extended working hours.

STIHL has a set of high-performance cordless power tools that you can use in large gardens and compounds. These quiet, exhaust-free set of tools give you the freedom of carrying out maintenance tasks without worrying of breakdown, air and noise pollution. They use the latest Lithium-ion battery technology, which lasts long with each full charge and can withstand regular recharging without deterioration in performance. The battery is removable and charged alone. This enables you to have more than one battery for continuous tasks.

In addition, the tools are made of tough outer material that can handle regular use and abuse without getting damaged or excessive wear. This saves you cash on regular repairs and maintenance. The range of the power tools available for the large gardens includes cordless chainsaws, telescopic pole pruners, lawnmowers, bush cutters, hand-held leaf blowers, sweepers, long-reach hedge trimmers and cut-off machines, among others. There are also lots of accessories, batteries and charges for maintenance and replacements.

Make a switch from the noisy, smoking petrol operated power tools and go for the lighter, efficient cordless power tools from STIHL. There is a tool for any task that you regularly perform outdoors at your home or office.

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