Stihl Fuel Oils and Lubricants

STIHL machines are of high quality. Many clients appreciate them, and thus, they use them more frequently. For this reason, we offer high-quality fuel, oils, and lubricants to increase their lifespan. STIHL ensures that it produces machines that make work easier. They have a wide variety of products which are all found on our site. Using an excellent quality of fuel, oil, and lubricants ensure that a machine provides high-quality services.

One of the oils that we have is the STIHL MotoMix premixed fuel. This fuel is a 50:1 ratio mixture of 92 Octane alkylate fuel and STIHL HP Ultra synthetic biodegradable engine oil. STIHL MotoMix premixed fuel can be used in all machines. This oil is premixed, which makes it extremely convenient. It does not have ethanol and contains less harmful chemicals.

STIHL HP Ultra premium engine oil is another oil that we offer. This oil is low in emissions, making it eco-friendly. This oil has helped save the lives of many engines! STIHL HP Ultra engine oil is also low in emissions and can also be used for lubrication. It is highly suited for outdoor tools and chainsaws. It is low in sulfur and is biodegradable, and therefore, it is also environmentally friendly. The oil is clean, so you don’t have to worry about changing it regularly.

STIHL Superclean is one of the best lubricants they provide. It is also used to clean chainsaws, trimmer blades, and cutting attachments. STIHL Superclean has been in the market for a long time because of its amazing lubrication power.

STIHL Varioclean is a lubricant and a cleaner. The solution is used to remove organic substances such as grass stains and resin from outdoor power tools. It is also used to lubricate products which are becoming slow.

STIHL Multilub is grease which is made to lubricate electric saw gears and a hedge trimmer. Stihl Multilub has significant lubricating abilities. It adheres to the metal surfaces of the products, protecting them from wearing off quickly.

STIHL Multispray is used to remove rust, helping to prevent corrosion. If you have a machine that is slow due to rusting, you can use this lubricant.

The STIHL Superlub FS is a lubricant used on a brushcutter to prevent rusting and corrosion.

STIHL high-performance gear lubricant. This lubricant is used on gears which work on high speed such as brushcutters. It has an excellent flow, which means that it penetrates all parts of the engine, preventing corrosion. Also, it protects the gears even in high temperatures. It resists force which makes it one of the best lubricants that we offer.

STIHL fuel, oils, and lubricants are essential in protecting your machines and we have an extensive range suitable for all models. If you are unsure what product it is you need, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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