Stihl Garden Shredders and Tillers

You garden can be your pride and joy, but it can also require constant care and efficient management. And with the best garden shredder tools from Stihl, you’re gardening tasks will become much easier. They’re extremely useful thanks to the increased efficiency in cleaning up green waste including tree branches, hedge cuttings, wasted flowers, and leaves. And thanks to an excellent capability of reducing the cuttings’ volumes, you’ll be able to easily dispose of the green waste. In turn, the composted green material your shredder will create comprises rich nutrients which you can use it to fertilize your garden plants. And, to provide the best quality fertilizer, the Stihl garden shredders are equipped with special blade systems which finely shred all trimmings, ready for the compost heap.

Our range of Stihl garden shredders includes electric and petrol machinery. If you have a small garden and low quantities of waste to clean up, you should choose an electric garden shredder. Stihl’s high performing electric shredders are great for a wide range of tasks such as shredding thick branches or typical green waste. But, if you’re dealing with huge quantities of garden waste, you should buy a petrol shredder which will streamline the garden cleaning process. The powerful and enduring petrol engines can easily shred thick branches.

All Stihl garden shredders incorporate highly efficient systems for increased performance and convenience. The sound-proof feed chute protects your ears but also the neighbours, so, you can safely use the shredder in a low-noise tolerance region. Also, the shredders break down green materials with carefully engineered sandwich-type blades resulting in extremely fine compost. And Stihl’s reversal mechanism, respectively the BRS reversal blade rotation system, transforms green trimmings into high-quality and efficient compost. And the equipment’s cloverleaf opening allows you to easily feed the machine with thick branches, while the rectangular opening is fit for softer material.

Stihl Tillers are versatile, compact, lightweight and multi-task machines, which perform excellently on a variety of landscapes such as home gardens and farms. The tillers simplify labour intensive operations such as weeding, soil preparation, and cleanup. And the strong Stihl engines provide optimized and efficient power required for different garden and lawn tasks including aerating, cultivating or dethatching. Also, the compact design of the tillers will allow you to work in tight areas. And, the ergonomic and curved handles help you to easily handle the machine, transport it and store it.

Stihl Tillers are multi-task and versatile gardening tools which will improve the look and feel of your garden. And thanks to their universal power train, you can add a variety of useful accessories and attachments to make your job easier. The Stihl tiller comes in standard form as a cultivator and can transform into a lawn aerator, trimmer, power sweeper, or bed edger. And the ergonomic design of the tiller increases the equipment’s maneuverability when you’re working. The machine’s strong blades can easily dig into the soil, break up strong lumps of earth and mix up the soil through an efficient burrowing action. And you’ll enjoy increased control over the tiller thanks to the height-adjustable brake system. Also, to improve the equipment’s level of convenience, Stihl’s engineers have integrated an efficient anti-vibrational system which absorbs the engine’s vibrations and significantly reduces fatigue so you can use the tiller for a longer period.

So, if you want to learn more about our range of Stihl garden shredders to fast track, improve and streamline your gardening cleaning experience, contact a member of our sales team who’ll offer useful and relevant guidance. We’ll help you find the best equipment for your needs.

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