Stihl Grass Trimmers Brushcutters and Clearing Saws

Some terrains make it impossible to cut grass using a lawnmower. Besides, there is always that stubborn grass or thicket that requires specialised tools. Well, you can never go wrong with our Stihl range of Grass Trimmers, brush cutters and Clearing Saws. The tools are of high quality and tested by experts to ensure that they serve the intended purpose. Stihl has managed to maintain a standard when it comes to the production of petrol and electric driven brush cutters. The brush cutters can access every nook and cranny clearing all stubborn undergrowth. The brush cutters can clear bushes even on the steepest of landscapes. The tools can perform any works ranging from thinning of overgrown vegetation to maintenance works within the home. All these tasks are possible because Stihl brush cutters are powered by a high-performance engine.

The STIHL range of engine run brush cutters is improved such that some even have a smart engine system that automatically adjusts depending on inclination, condition of air filters, and quality of fuel. Due to fuel efficiency, the petrol operated brush cutters have low carbon emissions. Some models even have an anti-vibration system which improves on the comfort of users.

We also have STIHL clearing saws that can mow through difficult terrains. Besides, the clearing saws are the best bet for mowing through grass lawns, forests, bushes, and thickets. This brand of clearing saws is the best because it has excellent ergonomics. It also has efficient fuel consumption which makes it environmentally friendly.

Other than the brush cutters and clearing saws, we also stock STIHL grass trimmers. The grass trimmers are made to ensure the safety and comfort of the user. The grass trimmers are made with endurance to handle tough jobs. Our ranges of grass trimmers are ideal for domestic use especially when clearing grass along with the lawns. For domestic purposes, we have electric trimmers that are light in weight and easy use. For commercial purposes, we have petrol-driven grass trimmers that are fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

STIHL trimmers are made with a comfortable harness that is easily adjustable depending on the user’s ideal height. Besides, the trimmers have anti-vibration features that protect customers from fatigue. What’s more, is that the products are light in weight. Now, homeowners can enjoy clean lawns without a hassle.

All brush cutters, clearing saws, and grass trimmers have changeable accessories and parts. This implies that you don’t have to throw away your product in the event a part breaks down. We also stock protective gear from fire, cuts, flying debris, and noise. Our protective attire is made with keen detail to ensure their durability and comfort for users.

We understand that different clients have different needs. At times, it is difficult to decide on the right tool for your specific needs. If you need any expert help, feel free to contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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