Stihl Hand Tools and Forestry Accessories

Whether you need to prune your roses or fell an oak, with the right tools no task is too burdensome or problematic. Having a good selection of reliable, quality tools to hand is the equivalent of half-the-job-done! Builders, carpenters, plumbers and, especially, forestry workers all swear by their tools! The Stihl manufacturing company has been producing state-of-the-art forestry tools since 1926. All the highly specialised Stihl tools and accessories are guaranteed top quality and are available exclusively through a network of Stihl Approved Specialist dealers throughout the UK.

Even the laziest weekend gardener can get his blooms blooming beautifully with the right equipment. Along with spades and watering-cans, an essential gardening tool is a good pair of shears. It is important to get the right type of shears for your needs, and the right size. Stilh offers a selection of bypass and anvil pruning shears, in different sizes, as well as lopping shears and hedge shears.

For those finer, close-up, fiddly cutting operations secateurs are useful. Secateurs are mini-shears, a smaller, single-handed tool with two short sharp blades mostly used for cutting plant stems.

For heavier garden exigencies, Stihl saws come in various versions. For a serious sawing project it is important to use the right type of saw. Stihl specialist saws with heavy-duty names (Megacut, Handycut and Super Turbocut) guarantee precision and speed of execution.

The year “1926”, evidenced on the blade of the “1926 Edition” forestry hatchet, celebrates the founding year of the Stihl company. Each piece is unique, having its own production number. The handle is in ash wood and it comes with a leather blade cover. Other Stihl hatchets include forestry hatches and cleaving hatchets.

Moving up into the larger and heavier axe category, also forestry axes and cleaving axes are available as “1926 Edition”. Stihl also produces universal hatchets and axes in polyamide.

After the tree is felled, it must be moved. Stihl has a range of hooks, tongs and lifting hooks to turn and move all your timber. Felling levers and a range of cleaving and felling wedges to guide the fall of the tree complete the forestry hand-tool collection.

Stilh professional hand tools for forestry work are solid, reliable and specialised, and Stihl also provides all the smaller accessories necessary for working in the forest, even those little measuring and marking devices where precision is essential. Items such as tape measures, marking chalk and spray, sharpening tools and whetstones, and the relative carriers or holders, all come within Stihl’s range of supply.

All members of our sales team are eager to help and all queries are promptly and exhaustively answered, with suggestions and alternatives thrown in. Stihl likes to see its hand tools in well-informed and knowledgeable hands.

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