Stihl Hedge Trimmers and Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Whether you are trimming a garden or a park, you need quality equipment to make your work more relaxed and comfortable. STIHL hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers have been manufactured carefully to make your trimming experience efficient. They have a variety of products to meet all your needs.

STIHL petrol hedge trimmers are ideal for a variety of uses. You can use a STIHL petrol hedge trimmer in the park, in your garden or for general landscape maintenance. The equipment comes in two versions: the T version and the R version. T version is ideal for hedges with thin branches. On the other hand, the R version is suitable for overgrown and woody hedges. Since it uses petrol, it is portable, making it ideal for use in areas without electricity supply.

Electric hedge trimmers are known for their efficiency. STIHL electric hedge trimmers have double-sided reciprocating blades which make trimming easy. Another useful feature about STIHL electric hedge trimmers is the lightweight. Its high-torque motor works so silently that it causes no disturbance in the neighborhood. All you need is electricity supply to power the hedge trimmer.

Cordless hedge trimmers give you both the convenience, and a clean cut. They are loaded with powerful lithium-ion batteries. They are also very quiet. Their mobility makes them suitable for professional horticultural use and landscape maintenance.

Some hedges extend to heights that a standard hedge trimmer can’t reach. In such a case, a STIHL long-reach hedge trimmer comes in handy. A petrol long-reach hedge trimmer allows you to trim the tall and extra-wide hedges without using any working platform. STIHL long-reach hedge trimmers come with a 2-mix engine that is suitable for noise-sensitive areas.

Do you have extra-wide and high hedges near a building? If yes, a STIHL long-reach hedge trimmer is what you need. These hedge trimmers are specially designed to allow you to work on the high hedges that are out of reach for a standard electric hedge trimmer without struggling. Besides extra-wide and tall hedges, you can use the electric long-reach hedge trimmer to trim ground-cover crops as well as tangled vegetation. Just like ordinary electric hedge trimmers, they produce no noise, making them suitable for use in the neighborhood.

These extended length hedge trimmers come in handy for hedges beyond what a standard cordless system hedge systems. The blades are adjustable for both vertical overhead and ground-level cutting.

If you are unsure what product is best suited to your requirements, please do not hesitate to talk to our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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