Stihl Lawn Mowers

Keep your lawn clean and neat using our quality lawnmowers. STIHL offers a series of powerful, reliable lawn mowers for varying lawn sizes. It uses the most advanced cutting technologies that allow for a uniform cut at adjustable heights. In addition, the equipment uses high quality lithium-ion battery technology that powers the machine for long periods. There are also petrol engine type lawnmowers if you are looking for continuous power supply for contract mowing jobs or working on large lawn sizes. In addition, the mowers come with ergonomic controls and easy to use handles that make your task a lot easier. You also do not need any technical training to operate your mower efficiently.

The sharp blades cut your grass in one go thereby, preventing splitting at its edges and maintaining the aesthetics of your lawn. It works well on any grass type at any length. Remember to adjust the cut height according to your need before mowing.

Some models have a mulching feature that deals with the problem of having to dispose of cut grass after mowing by enriching the lawn with the mulch. You also have more freedom with variable drive speeds with some coming with rear rollers to give your garden a traditional British stripe. You will find models with most or all of the features whether you go for electric, battery or petrol-driven lawnmowers from STIHL brand.

In addition, STIHL has replacement parts and accessories for your repairs and enhancements. You would not need to buy a new machine after simple breakdowns. You can also purchase additional batteries for extended working time with cordless lawnmowers. Luckily, the lawnmowers have been made with hard-to-wear parts and will not breakdown now and then, which makes them cheap to operate and maintain.

When choosing a lawnmower, consider the fuelling option that is ideal for your use. It can be petrol, electric or an on-board battery. For quiet operation, go for an electric or battery-powered lawnmower. Small lawns may use corded electric mowers with an extension cable while the petrol machines provide constant power for long tasks. Pick the size of the engine that is best suited for the size of the lawn. There are small ones for small lawns, medium sizes for medium-sized lawns and ones meant for commercial use or large lawns. You may also check other additional features as discussed above.

At Radmore & Tucker, there are lawn mowers for every need and size of lawn. If you are not sure which option is best for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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