Stihl Merchandise

Stihl has millions of fans around the world. They are famous for the top-quality and high-performance chainsaws, trimmers or other heavyweight tools, but also for their extensive merchandise portfolio. And Stihl fans of all ages can enjoy the excellent quality products, which come second to none. You can be the proud owner of a branded BBQ apron, lunchbox, LED torch, picnic blanket or a forestry worker keyring. And to surprise your kids you can purchase a Stihl toy truck. All products are perfect gifts for anyone who uses Stihl machinery.

If you love to cook, you can organise a BBQ and wear a Stihl apron, which has a large logo on the front. And to help you out, Stihl provides a BBQ set, including tongs, a fork and spatula, and a branded iron box. Also, you can use the Stihl alarm clock to set the cooking time for the meal you’re preparing.

On the weekends, if you decide to go on a picnic with the family, you can take the Stihl picnic blanket set and the Stihl Timbersports series seat cushion. Also, don’t forget to bring your Stihl porcelain cup along. Pack everything you need in a cool Stihl bag, which has removable interior compartments. But if you have a lot to pack, you can also use a Stihl backpack (47 x 30 x 18 cm and 20L) which has one large compartment and an inside pocket with a zip.

Also, upload any songs or movies you may want to watch during your picnic on the Stihl 8 GB wooden USB stick. It’ll create a relaxing and fun atmosphere and you’ll have an amazing time. And, to make sure you don’t lose your keys while you’re out, attach them to a Stihl chainsaw keyring, which makes loud sounds. You can also take a Stihl hunting and snack knife with you, because you never know when it may come in handy.

If you want to prove your passion for lumberjack sports, purchase any of the TimbersportsĀ® products, which embody the spirit of the sport. You’ll find a wide range of hoodies, such as the AXE hoodie, which comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. They’re made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The AXE series also includes t-shirts and sweatshirts. You’ll also find the ATHLETIC range of products such as long-sleeved training tops, windbreakers, and hoodies. Or try one of the Timbersports line products including the wristwatch, seat cushion or buy a Timbersports cup.

Stihl offers a variety of toys and apparel to make kids happy. Whenever it’s raining, you can have your kids wear Stihl rain jackets and have fun outdoors. Also, your kids can play with Stihl battery-operated toy brush cutters or toy chainsaws while wearing special children’s Stihl work gloves.

If you’re passionate about the Stihl brand and want to show it to the world, you can choose from a wide range of Stihl products created for your home, for your kids, and for you. Make Stihl part of your life with top-quality and functional items. If you’re not sure which items you should purchase, contact one of our team members and we’ll be happy to help you make the best choices.

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