Stihl Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

When you’re handling power tools you should always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing. Because these tools have sharp sets of blades and cutters which operate at tremendous speeds, they can cause serious injuries if you don’t wear protective equipment. Although knowing how to properly use these power tools will significantly reduce your risk of being injured, if you wear personal protective equipment you won’t face any risk at all. And because Stihl understands the importance of your safety, they’ve created a wide range of protective wear and accessories.

Stihl integrates high-end security measures throughout the processing and production of PPE to increase resistance and safety levels. Also, by using strong materials they guarantee the best protection and minimise any risk of you getting hurt while handling power tools. You’ll find products ranging from chain saw protection apparel to wet weather helmets, gloves and gear.

Before choosing your PPE, you should check the guide provided by Stihl which shows you what you must wear when using different tools. But you can follow general common guidelines such as choosing snug-fitting and sturdy clothing but not tight-fits so you can move freely when handling power tools. And avoid accessories such as scarves, jewellery, neckties, which can get caught on trees, branches or mobile parts of the tool which you’re using.

When you’re using electric and petrol-powered machinery, you should protect your ears with special equipment. The tools can be intensely noisy and damage your hearing. So, you should account for the sound pressure level of the machinery which you’re using and the single number rating of ear defenders which are attached to helmets produced by Stihl.

And when you’re handling a chainsaw you should wear special Stihl chainsaw trousers with protective cut inserts. Stihl’s chainsaw trousers are made with strong material which comprises individual and separate fibres. So, if you accidentally come close to a moving saw, the fibre layer of the trousers will block the saw and stop it before it reaches your skin. But when you’re using a chainsaw you should also be wearing Stihl safety boots with protective steel caps, safety glasses, a face shield, a hard hat or helmet, and heavy-duty gloves.

When you’re using a trimmer you should wear strong shoes which have no-slip soles, or steel cap boots. Safety goggles are also a must when your trimming your hedges because you’re dealing with sharp blades which cut at high speeds and green material or small cuttings can cause damage in contact with your eyes. Work gloves are undoubtedly required whenever you’re handling a trimmer. Make sure they’re made of strong material and fit well, otherwise they may hinder proper use of the machinery and you could get hurt. Also, ear protection is needed because you’re working with powerful equipment which makes a lot of noise.

Stihl focuses on providing increased levels of protection to its customers, so they’ve produced a wide collection of top-quality personal protection equipment and clothing. So, whether you know what you need to buy to keep safe when handling power tools, or if you require assistance, get in touch with our experts. We’ll offer you the best advice about what equipment you need to be safe when using different petrol or electric tools.

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