Stihl Pressure Washers and Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Whether it’s light cleaning around the house or more thorough cleaning of built-up dirt and grime that is needed, our range of Stihl pressure washers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners offer the perfect cleaning solution. No longer is it necessary to use a paint scraper to remove the flaking paint from your window frames, scourers to clean your roof or a scrubbing brush to clean stained paving. The right pressure cleaner can accomplish all of these tasks affordably and easily. Pressure washers are the most effective way to clean your patio, garden furniture, tools or your car. And cleaning stubborn debris from these areas is now so easy that it can even be fun. All that needs to be done to access all this cleaning power is to connect the pressure washer to the water supply, turn the tap on and then activate the washer.

The secret to the effectiveness of a pressure washer is in the power of water combined with high pressure. Most households have a water pressure of approximately 4 bar. When water passes from the garden hose and then through a booster pump the resulting pressure is almost 160 bar. The water is forced through a high-pressure nozzle and exits as a high-powered jet of cleaning power.

All of the right cleaning components are necessary when powerful cleaning is needed. The correct machine together with the correct accessories and cleaning agent will shift even the most ingrained dirt and grime. And the right equipment will significantly improve results, making the whole cleaning experience even more effective.

Stihl wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used in the home, in the workplace and can also be used to clean building exteriors. Incredibly clean results are possible as the wet and dry vacuum cleaners can reach into the tightest corners and hard to reach places. The strong suction and high-performance level that these vacuums operate at can quickly and easily clean workshops strewn with sawdust or building sites after renovations or construction have completed. Even wet debris, puddles of water and slush is no deterrent to these cleaners.

Stihl wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also also be connected to power tools with a connecting hose. Any dirt and dust generated in the process of sawing, drilling or grinding will be taken up by the vacuum cleaner and taken off the workroom floor.

These pressure washers and vacuums also use eco-friendly technology and have been designed to have a long product life. And the equipment design is geared towards ease of use and comfort, making them able to execute all cleaning tasks with ease.
If you require any assistance in selecting which products would be best suited to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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