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Husqvarna Hearing Protection with FM Radio with Headband

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While Personal Protective Equipment is a serious matter, who says that work should be a silent time? These ear-defenders, which are mounted on a lightweight but sturdy head-band, are designed to offer more comfort than ever.

Each ear piece is designed for either the left-hand-side or the right-hand-side so they mould to the head for improved fit and comfort. The head-set is designed to carry the stress evenly, so they do not dig into the ears or the top of the head. Weighing just 560g, the headset is sturdy enough to protect the ears without the risk of them slipping, and light enough to wear for hours at a time if necessary.

The 3.5mm audio jack will accept a smartphone or other music device, or a communication radio, so the user can both stay in touch with the outside world – an important consideration on remote jobs where the wearer might be working at height, or in dangerous conditions – or they can listen to music: which has been proven to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction. For those without a playlist on an MP3 player or mobile phone, there is a built-in FM radio which will allow users to tune in to their favourite radio stations, whether local to the area in which they are working or nationwide. As well as being entertaining, users will be able to keep up to date with traffic incidents, weather updates – vital when working remotely – and the news of the day.

The built-in comms feature allows workers to communicate with management without needing to remove their PPE, an important consideration in noisy or unsafe environments.

The ear defenders offer an SNR rating of 29 dB (A) which means that they reduce the noise impact on the ear by that amount, reducing uncomfortably loud and potentially damaging noises to tolerable levels. For example, the sound of power tools – around 90 dB, which is harmful when exposure lasts longer than half an hour – can be reduced to around 61 dB: about the same level as a normal conversation, which is considered moderate on the audiology awareness charts.



3 reviews for Husqvarna Hearing Protection with FM Radio with Headband

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    I have been looking for rugged headphone radio for some time, to use whilst I am working around the school but was not happy with the run of the mill headphone radios which in reviews failed miserably, particularly the DAB ones.

    I am more than happy with FM reception, and where I work is on the fringe of DAB radio coverage anyway, with constant signal break up. There’s a reason they haven’t taken FM broadcasting away, because it’s so reliable and isn’t affected by the weather as much!

    These headphones are relatively comfortable, although I don’t need them for the noise suppression factor, they do cut a lot of ambient sound out. Controls for the radio are easy once you located the buttons. Some may query the slightly lower than average max volume, but they’re fine for me . Lightweight, supportive on head, a trifle snug but I am guessing they’ll give a little, otherwise comfortable. I would not hesitate in recommending them .

  2. Clive

    I had to return Husqvarna hearing protection with FM radio because they were faulty and I had to pay £8.95 return postage

  3. Mike

    Well pleased with these headphones,same husqvarna quality as there machinery.
    Excellent service from Radmoor and Tucker as always….check them out you won’t get better service!

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