Makita EK6100 Petrol Disc Cutter 12″

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Product Description

The Makita EK6100 Petrol Disc Cutter 12″ is a Power cutter equipped with 61cm³ 2-stroke engine with stratified scavenging system to comply with all known exhaust emission regulations.

Compared with the predecessor model DPC6430, this new model has the following advantages:

Lightweight; 1.2kg (2.6lbs) lighter than DPC6430
Enhanced air filtration; cyclone pre-separation system effectively removes dust particles away from intake air and reduces dust stuck on the filter.


3 Year Warranty Service Plan


  • Rapid start pull force required to start the machine is drastically reduced with spring-assisted recoil starter.
  • Touch and Stop Switch
  • Fuel primer for easy starting.
  • High quality driving belt does not require tensioning once the proper tension is adjusted.
  • Enhanced Air Filtration
  • Developed in compliance with all known exhaust emission regulations
  • Lightweight; 1.2kg (2.6lbs) lighter than DPC6430
  • Water supply with intake filter and fine adjustment for adequate dust protection.


Max. Cutting Depth
110 mm
Noise sound pressure 
100 dB(A)
Noise sound power 
109 dB(A)
20 mm
Max Wheel Speed
5,100 rpm
Wheel diameter
305 mm
Power Rating
4.2 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity
0.7 litres
Fuel Type
Mixed Gasoline
61 cm³
Power Rating
3.2 kW
Vibration: Right Handle (Rear grip)
3.6 m/sec²
Vibration: Left Handle (Front grip)
3.0 m/sec²


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