Hyundai HYWH-350F Light Duty Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Product Description

Light & balanced with adjustable headband that wears comfortable and relieves fatigue.

Powered by lithium and solar cell, can last for 5000 working hours and possesses 15 to 20min auto off function.

Photoelectric sensors technology, liquid crystal of high quality and spectrum filter provide welders a clear view of observation and effective protection.

The speed of filter changing from bright to dark is 1/5000s so that eyes are protected from harm and arc light.

Bright level of filter is DIN3 and the time from dark to bright state can set from 0.25s to 0.45s according to demand.

Can use normally under temperature from -5 degree to 55 degree and can be applied to hand welding, gas protected welding, argon arc welding and plasma cutting.

Variable LCD filters: UV+IR Filter, LCD1, LCD2 & Glass.

Covered by 1 year Hyundai warranty.


Window Size 90x35mm
Bright Level DIN.3
Dark Level Fix 11
Delay Time 0.2-0.45S
Sensitivity Unadjustable, Auto
Power Supply Solar Cell, No Battery Change Required
Switch Fully Automatical
UV/IR Protection DIN 16
Speed of Light Change 1/5000 From Bright To Dark
Working Temperature -5°C ~ +55°C



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