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Husqvarna Felling Wedge 5.5inch

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The Husqvarna Felling Wedge 5.5inch felling wedge is designed to help stabilise the tree that you are cutting and guide it to the direction you want it to be felled. You can also use it when splitting logs to make the process faster and more efficient. It is made of high impact ABS plastic, a sturdy plastic material that is not deformed from the weight of the tree that is being cut. Besides, it has a perfect wedge design to allow for easy fitting on the area being cut and guiding trees with ease when cutting them down.

Why is a Felling Wedge important?

There could be structures nearby and you would not want them damaged by the falling tree. This wedge lets you gradually lift the trunk to the direction that you would like the tree to fall. The wedge also prevents the trunk from pinching the chainsaw when cutting deep into the tree. Pinching occurs when a tree falls back to the side that is being cut. It may damage and misalign the chain in addition to making the cutting process slower.

What Kind of Trees Can You Guide with the Wedge?

This wedge can be used with small and medium-sized trees. The wide is large enough to control the direction in which the trunk will fall. It creates additional pressure to counter the fall-back forces that may change the direction in which the tree is falling.

The Build

The heavy-duty ABS plastic is the recommended material for use in tree felling activities. The material can withstand high temperatures generated in the cutting process in addition to the extreme pressure from the trunk that is being felled. On the other hand, the material is soft and does not damage your chainsaw if you accidentally encounter it during the tree felling process.

Other Characteristics

The Husqvarna, 5.5-inch wedge, is lightweight, enabling you to carry it with ease everywhere that you are felling trees or splitting logs. It is also easy to use as you fit into the cut space as soon as you make an opening into the trunk. The wedge is also durable, allowing you to use it repeatedly.

When felling trees and splitting logs, a little help can go a long way. Husqvarna Felling Wedge 5.5 inches makes it easy to control the direction of the tree being felled and split the logs fast.

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