Henchman Platform Tripod Ladder 3 Leg Fully Adjustable 16ft/4.8m AIO480

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£699.00 (inc VAT)

Usually dispatches within 7 to 10 working days.


What makes a Tripod Ladder safer than a normal ladder?

Three is the magic number! Provided you can get your Tripod Ladder to stand up, it is impossible for all three feet not to be in firm contact with the ground, no matter how uneven your garden is. And because of the wide triangular footprint that the splayed legs create you are almost certain to remain within it and therefore prevent wobbling.

The ideal replacement for the traditional stepladder for all indoor and outdoor projects at height on uneven, sloping ground, steps or hills – with each leg adjustable by up to 18” / 45cm this Henchman Tripod Ladder makes almost any surface safe and easy to work on. The 7” / 18cm platform rung makes standing on the ladder comfortable while you work. You can then tuck your knees into the frame for extra stability due to the recessed rungs above the platform, as a result, you can use both hands safely for your work while maintaining 5 points of contact with the ladder at all times (Both feet, both knees and your waist). Only having 3 legs ensures that each foot is always in contact with the ground and prevents the See-saw effect found often with 4 legged step ladders. This means that the ladder will not wobble and coupled with the high-quality lightweight aluminium framework you get an incredibly stable and rigid yet super lightweight ladder.
*All ladder heights shown are the total ladder height with the legs fully retracted, with all ladders the platform height is
3ft / 90cm below the advertised height

All Ladders are Shipped Direct Within 5 Working Days

  • Tested by BSI to 150kg max weight capacity.
  • Level and stable on very uneven terrain.
  • 18” / 45cm of adjustability in each leg.
  • No bruised shins with the recessed rungs above the platform
  • Top rail for one-handed support, or for leaning against whilst using both hands.
  • No slipping or sudden sinking in due to the wide clawed feet.
  • The 3-leg design prevents any wobbling for complete stability
  • Incredibly light for easy transport and storage.
  • Rubber feet can be purchased for improved grip and to prevent scratching on hard surfaces
  • Available in 6′ / 1.8m to 16′ / 4.8m ladder sizes.

What size do you need?

All sizes provided are with the extendable legs fully retracted.

To avoid ordering the wrong sized ladder, it’s important you know exactly how high you need to reach before you order.

For example, if you’re using your ladder to trim hedges, we suggest picking one that’s more or less the same height as that hedge. Measuring the hedge height before you order will ensure you choose the right size.

Ladder Size Platform Height Hip Level Reaching Overhead
6ft / 1.8m 3ft / 0.9m 6ft / 1.8m 10ft / 3.0m
8ft / 2.4m 5ft / 1.5m 8ft / 2.4m 12ft / 3.6m
10ft / 3m 7ft / 2.1m 10ft / 3m 14ft / 4.2m
12ft / 3.6m 9ft / 2.7m 12ft / 3.6m 16ft / 4.8m
14ft / 4.2m 11ft / 3.3m 14ft / 4.2m 18ft / 5.4m
16ft / 4.8m 13ft / 3.9m 16ft / 4.8m 20ft / 6.0m
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