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Stein Arbor Trolley Multi-Functional Handling System

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Product Description

The Stein Arbor-Trolley designed by Reg Coates is a multi-functional handling system. Designed to take the hard work out of transporting brash and logs. The Arbor-Trolley is capable of carrying up to 500kg in weight and can transport the equivalent of five plus man-loads of loose brash in one. At only 75cm wide it is perfect for transporting material from back gardens with narrow access with ease. Not only will it speed up the transportation of brash and logs it will help reduce the debris left by dragging brash along paths. This multi-function handling system has many applications and uses to help reduce transport time and ultimately speed up the job safely.

Increased productivity
Reduces manual handling
Reduces workforce fatigue
More efficient work site
Reduced dropped debris
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