Oregon 21LPX072E Chainsaw Chain 72 Drive Links

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Product Description

The Oregon 21LPX072E .325 .058 full chisel chainsaw chain is a high performance chain for professional users who use .325-pitch chainsaws.

  • Top performing Square-corner “Chisel” cutters.
  • Bumper drive links reduce kick back.
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles.
  • Lubrilink™ tie straps help keep oil where it is needed-on the chain.
  • Lubriwell™ oil holes in bumper drive links help carry oil around the full length of the guide bar’s groove.
  • Top plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier.
  • Recommended for saws of 35cc to 60cc and guide bars from 11″ to 20″ (28 to 50cm).

We recommend that you count the number of drive links in your old chain prior to ordering.


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