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Makita EA4300F38C Petrol Chainsaw 15″

(2 customer reviews)

£335.00 (inc VAT)

SKU: 16-EA4300F38C

The Makita EA4300F38C is one of a number of brand new saws designed to offer cutting edge user features while meeting and exceeding current global emissions and vibration standards. Featuring a 43cc 2-stroke petrol engine, this chainsaw comes fitted as standard with a 38cm bar size. It is fitted with an automatic chain brake and anti-vibration system, the chainsaw weighs in at 4.9kg so affording the operator with an ergonomically designed machine even during extended periods of use and is ideal for the home owner and land owner a like.

The new compact engine design has a cylinder displacement of 43cc and produces 3,0hp of power. Due to a new port liner design on the exhaust outlet the engine cylinder temperature operates 20°C lower than other 2-stroke engines, this will extend the use and the life of the saw and increase user comfort. At the same time the EA4300 engine offers excellent torque and very good emission levels and increased fuel consumption.

Starting the Makita EA4300 petrol chain saw could not be easier thanks to the combination of Memory Power Ignition system (MPI), primer carburetor, Makita Easy Start recoil system that requires 25% less pulling force than other brand leading chainsaws and decompression valve.

Vibration is also a key factor when using powered equipment especially for longer periods. The Makita have developed the Two Mass vibration dampening system (M2M) that provides very effective vibration dampening. Removing and adjusting the 15″ / 38cm cutting bar and chain on the EA4300F38C Makita petrol chain saw is by means of 2 stud nuts for added bar security with side mounted adjustment screw for easy tensioning. Chain lubrication is also taken care of with a fully adjustable metal automatic ecological oiler and 0,29L oil tank with easy lock ‘S’ shaped cap. This intelligent oil pump switches off the oil supply when the saw is in idle mode. The fuel tank holds 0,48L of unleaded petrol and oil mix at 50:1.

Comes with universal wrench and bar cover.

2 reviews for Makita EA4300F38C Petrol Chainsaw 15″

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Very smooth cut and easy to start.

  2. Christopher Fitzmaurice (verified owner)

    Straight out of the box, assembled, fueled up and oiled up, primed, choke set on full couple of pulls and splutterd into life. Released choke couple of blips on the throttle and ran like a dream, no adjustment required.
    Checked for oil on chain, bone dry, adjusted oil flow screw and problem solved, it had been set closed.
    Down to the wood pile for a bit of action, cuts like a dream with plenty of power, push the tab to stop and just pull cord to start, unlike Sthil where you have to reset the lever each time.
    Could be better; the outer cover is plastic the bolts you tighten are not connected to the outer cover, that I consider a bit cheap for a chainsaw that has a RRP of over £500. On offer at £319 inc vat
    But I must say, so far a cracking little saw, time will tell.

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