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Husqvarna Battery Bag

£24.24 (inc VAT)

Usually dispatches within 7 to 10 working days.

SKU: 14-585371801

The Husqvarna Battery Bag is a top-quality product, made for professionals and homeowners. The product is an insulating, shock-absorbing, and water-proof unit made for Husqvarna battery models ranging from BLi 10-200. The bag’s thermal coating maintains the correct operating temperature of your battery under extreme conditions. The bag is easy to use and to carry. It comprises a belt-loop and hook for professional forestry workers or arborists.


– The bag is made for professionals and domestic users

– The bag is suitable for use with Husqvarna battery models ranging BLi 10-200

– The product comprises thermal coating

– The product ensures optimum operation of the battery in any temperature conditions

– It’s a high-performance unit designed to deliver increased protection

– It includes a belt-loop and hook for professional use in any environment


– The product is high-performance and efficient

– It’s durable and long-lasting

– It’s a top-quality product made at the highest standards

– The unit is easy to use and to carry in any working conditions

– It’s made of premium and top-quality materials for increased strength

How It Works

The battery bag is a top-quality and resistant product made for use with a variety of Husqvarna battery models ranging BLi 10-200. It’s a high-performance and reliable product, designed at the highest standards of quality and performance. The product delivers excellent results in extreme temperature and working conditions. Thanks to its thermal cover, the unit maintains an optimum temperature range for the battery’s operation in very high or very low temperatures. Professionals worldwide rely on Husqvarna’s quality and performance standards to achieve excellent results.

How to Use

Use the bag in accordance with Husqvarna’s guidelines and instructions. To maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, use and store the product according to the producer’s specifications. Store the unit in a safe place and keep it away from chemicals.



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