Husqvarna BLi20 36v Battery 4.0Ah

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Product Description

The Husqvarna BLi20 4.0 Ah battery is a strong 36V Li-ion unit made for domestic and professional use. The unit delivers high power outputs and it’s made for extensive operating times. The product delivers active cooling and comprises an intuitive LED charge indicator. Professionals around the world rely on Husqvarna’s top-quality standards in terms of performance to achieve the best results. The battery has a huge capacity of 4.0 Ah and a voltage of 36V, which provide increased efficiency and durability.

General Information

– The BLi20 battery has a capacity of 4.0 Ah

– The battery’s voltage is 36V

– It’s designed for residential and domestic use

– The unit weight is 1.22 kg

– It’s compatible with different Husqvarna devices such as lawn mowers, battery trimmers, hedge trimmers, pole saws, and chainsaws

– It’s a Li-ion battery


– The product is lightweight, durable, resistant, and high-performance

– It’s a top-quality product made for increased performance

– It’s made of strong and resistant materials

– The battery has an extensive lifespan (est. over 1500 charges)

– It’s compatible with a wide variety of applications

– The battery is designed at Husqvarna’s highest standards of quality and performance

How It Works

The Husqvarna BLi20 battery offers professionals and homeowners worldwide the best results. The BLi20 has an increased capacity of 4.0 Ah, and a battery voltage of 36V. The Lithium Ion unit is compatible with a wide variety of Husqvarna products including lawn mowers, chainsaws, battery trimmers, hedge trimmers, pole saws, hedge trimmers. Use the product with Husqvarna’s lawn mowers including LC 141i, LC 247iX, LC 353iVX, LC 141iV, and LC 347iVX. Use the product with Husqvarna’s battery trimmers such as 115iL, 315iC, 325iLK. The unit is compatible with chainsaw models 120i and 340i. Use the product with pole saws models 115iPT4, 530iP4, and 530iPT5.

Battery capacity – 4.2 Ah
Battery voltage – 36 V


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