Husqvarna QC330 Battery Charger 330w

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Product Description

Designed for use with Husqvarnas 36V Li-ion batteries, the QC330 is a superbly effective 330 watt charger unit designed to make it easy to keep all of your Husqvarna batteries charged and ready to go when you need them most.
Husqvarna’s Battery Series is a superbly hi-tech range of garden maintenance equipment designed for both domestic and professional use, and including a number of potent hedge trimmers, chainsaw and brushcutters. This technology is remarkably quiet running, cheaper and easier to maintain and produces zero emissions; all you have to do is remember to keep the batteries charged!
To help make this a little bit easier, Husqvarna also produces this handy quick charger unit. Easy to use and compatible with all of Husqvarna’s 36V Li-ion batteries, the QC330 is engineered to reduce charge time significantly, thus making sure that you can enjoy the power they provide whenever you need it. Professional users will certainly appreciate this extra speed, and with the purchase of additional batteries (so one set can be charging while the others are in use) you can be assured of clean, convenient and reliable power throughout the working day.


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