Makita BL1830B 18v LXT 3.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (197599-5)

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The Makita BL1830B 18v LXT 3.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (197599-5) contains high energy density technology. Being Lithium-Ion, the BL1830B has no memory effect and is much lighter than other battery chemistries. 22 minute re-charge in DC18RC charger as well as battery capacity indicator LED’s which show you how much power you have left at the touch of a button. Fits all Makita 18v LXT Li-Ion tools with Makita ‘Star’ technology so if your tool also has a ‘Star’ you can be assured of battery protection.

The Li-ion range delivers 430% more working capacity during it’s lifetime compared to Ni-Cad and is 40% Lighter than Ni-MH. The Li-ion has minimal depletion of power during use or in storage over it’s lifetime.


  • Battery capacity indicator LED’s show how much juice you have left on demand
  • Long battery life, takes over 2,000 charges
  • Unbeatable 22 minute charge time with either DC18RC or DC18RD charger
  • Makita BL1830B 18v 3Ah Li-ion battery is compatible with 18v tools if they have a star on the connector plate or has a yellow connector plate


  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Voltage: 18v
  • Charge Time (DC18SD): 60 mins
  • Charge Time (DC18RA/DC18RC/DC18RD): 22 mins
  • Part Number: BL1830B / 197599-5


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