Stihl Telescopic Shaft for HSA25

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Product Description

The Stihl Telescopic Shaft for HSA25 is ideal for edging around smaller lawns. The telescopic shaft allows you to work with the HSA 25 (with grass blade attachment only) while standing up. The telescopic shaft is adjustable from 95 – 110cm and the working angle is also adjustable through 125°. Includes smooth-running wheels.

1 review for Stihl Telescopic Shaft for HSA25

  1. 4 out of 5

    KM in Wiltshire (verified owner)

    4.5 stars (explained later) – but a great investment to go with the Stihl HSA25 (Cordless Shrub Shears).
    So .. 5 stars – as an extension to the mini-hedgecutter bit of the HSA25, this is an outstanding bit of kit. I have several runs of low box hedging, and this extension allowed me to walk along and cut them all to the same height with great visibility and ease, and then to tilt the handle to shape it in the same way. Where doing this with hand shears would take hours, I had done about 40ft of box hedging (with 4 larger half-orb ‘finials’) in around 40mins!
    I had so much fun with that, I then turned to the conifer hedge, and the extended reach allowed me to hedge-cut the whole thing (about 8ft high and 20ft long) much more comfortably than when using my electric hedgecutter … and a more even cut, thanks to the sweep that this handle gave me. I also cut back a pretty wild lonicera nitida hedge and trimmed some snowberries before I ran out of puff (long before the HSA25). This is now my go-to hedging tool for everything. The old hedgecutter has been retired!
    But .. a lost .5 of a star for its performance on my lawn, as an alternative to a strimmer for the edges. I have a rather bumpy lawn, and the little wheels that attach are quite lightweight, so this bounced about quite a bit. On a flat lawn it would probably work a lot better.
    Still, very happy with this purchase.

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