Makits DUB362 Twin 18V Brushless Blower

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Product Description

The Makita DUB362 is a 36v brushless DC motor powered by 2 x 18v batteries, making this the most powerful cordless blower in its class with a maximum air volume of 13.4 m³/min and a maximum air velocity of 54 m/sec.

The motor is brushless and therefore more efficient meaning longer run time per battery charge of around 30% plus by running the 18v batteries in series they power the 36v motor giving mains power from a battery unit. Any combination of 3Ah, 4Ah and 5Ah batteries can be used at the same time but the machine will stop running when either of the batteries are depleted, a dual fuel gauge indicates the remaining charge left in each battery.

Features include 6 stage air volume/velocity settings and variable speed control , a soft start plus constant speed control to keep the motor running at optimum speed. A rubberised grip with lock on function which can be operated both left and right handed and perfect frame angle provides optimum nozzle to ground angle for efficient sweeping. This unit is both lightweight and compact and low noise emission make it ideal for populated areas.


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