Oregon PS250 36v Cordless Pole Saw

Unit Only or Complete with Battery and Charger.

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The Oregon PS250 pole saw gives you precision, power and a telescoping reach for all trimming and pruning jobs. The shaft allows up to 4.5m of access, while the premium battery pack and mid-mount motor provide you with the longevity and comfort for a long day’s work.

Extend up to 3.1m for a reach of up to 4.5m from the ground level.

The mid-mount motor places the PS250’s weight (and size) between your hands. This reduces the size of the cutting head- making it easier to reach hard-to-reach-cuts, and reduces the weight at the end of the pole-improving ergonomics and reducing fatigue.

In addition to the mid-mount motor, the PS250 weighs only 6.1kg with the battery, which means better balance and less fatigue. A shoulder strap is included for additional comfort.

* Only 6.1kg (with battery)
* Chain speed: 14.4 m/second
* Micro-Lite 3/8 Narrow Kerf 90PX chain with 1.1,, (0.43”) gauge
* 20cm (8”) bar

How much will it cut?
6.0 Ah = up to 750 cuts
4.0 Ah = up to 500 cuts
2.6 Ah = up to 350 cuts
Depending on material being cut and user technique. Works with all Oregon PowerNow Batteries.


PS250 Unit Only, PS250 with 2.6ah Battery & Standard Charger, PS250 with 4.0ah Battery & Standard Charger, PS250 with 6.0ah Battery & Rapid Charger


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