Stihl HLA85 Cordless Telescopic Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger

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Product Description

The Stihl HLA85 Cordless Telescopic Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger is a versatile addition to the STIHL cordless range. The HLA 85 features an adjustable cutter which makes it suitable for a number of tasks on tall or deep hedges. With a total extended length of 3.3m it gives the operator a safer approach to taller hedges. The tool is lightweight and has very low vibrations making it suitable for professionals who would use the machine for extended periods. The brushless EC motor keeps maintenance to a minimum while increasing the tool’s running time.


1 x Stihl HLA 85 long reach hedgecutter

2 x Stihl AP 200 battery

1 x Stihl AL 300 battery charger

Technical Data

Brand – Stihl
Power Type – Battery
Rated Voltage – 36V
Blade Length – 20″ / 50cm
Blade Type – Double Sided
Blade Stroke Rate – 3000/min
Tooth Gap – 32mm
Total Length – 260-330cm
Vibration Levels – 2.0 / 2.0m/s² (front / rear)
Noise Levels – 94dB(A)
Weight (Excluding battery) – 4.4kg
Recommended Battery – Stihl AP 200
Commercial Warranty – 1 Year
Domestic Warranty – 2 Years
Run Time with AP 100 battery – 72 mins
Run Time with AP 200 battery – 144 mins
Run Time with AP 300 battery – 180 mins
Run Time with AR 1000 battery – 450 mins
Run Time with AR 2000 battery – 660 mins
Run Time with AR 3000 battery – 800 mins

1 review for Stihl HLA85 Cordless Telescopic Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger

  1. 4 out of 5

    Ester Spears , North Devon (verified owner)

    I am a gardener with many domestic clients who will appreciate the lack of noise from this machine. First impressions: Although the trimmer lacks the power of a petrol engine it more than makes up for it in other ways. I’ve already mentioned noise which is a big bonus for certain clients, the cutting action is more than adequate for normal hedge trimming, it easily goes through 5mm diameter wood stems can handle up to 10mm before it struggles a bit. I didnt find this a problem as it was easy to put the machine down and get the loppers out.
    The reach is incredible and will mean less time on step ladders. The battery life is also amazing, really. Because you are not running the machine constantly like a petrol engine, you only use power when you need it. Trigger time. After the first mornings work trimming the hedges and clearing in a big country garden I was amazed to find that I had only used half a battery! At my work rate I reckon I’ll only use a battery a day, so the spare battery may end up being a bit of a luxury…
    It’s lightweight compared to a petrol and despite it’s reach will fold down to less than 6 foot so it easily fits into the van. Plus I look forward to saying goodbye to the pain of breakdowns and repair bills for two stoke engines, the new electric trimmer only needs a service once a year. Very pleased so far.

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