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Stihl MSA140C-B Cordless Chainsaw 12″ Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger

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Product Description

The Stihl MSA140C-B Cordless Chainsaw 12″ Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger is a perfect tool for pruning branches and cutting firewood, the MSA 140 C-B has all the features of the the MSA 120 C-B with up to 25% more cutting performance. Powered by a maintenance free EC motor and 36 V Lithium-Ion technology, this compact saw will ease its way through sawing jobs around the garden and property. Weighing in at a low 2.6 kg and perfectly balanced, the chainsaw is comfortable to handle, even for extended periods. The Quick Chain Tensioning system allows for tool-less and hassle-free tightening of the chain. Simple operating controls make this a versatile choice for all users. The saw also features a soft grip handle, a QuickStop Super chain brake and a transparent oil tank with viewing window. The high cutting performance and precise finish is due to a 1/4″ PM3 saw chain.


1 x Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ chainsaw (12″ bar & chain)

2 x Stihl AK 30 battery

1 x Stihl AL 101 charger

Standard features

AL 101 charger
Charger for the STIHL Compact Cordless System. With operating mode indicator (LED) and cable tie with Velcro tape. The charger can be wall mounted if required.
AK 30 Battery
Compact lithium-ion battery for the COMPACT cordless power system with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 180 Wh. Battery life depends on the device type. With charge level indicator (LED). Compatible with AL 101, AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500 chargers.
Quiet technology
The STIHL Compact Cordless System tools are so quiet you don’t even need to wear ear protection.
STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning (B)
The STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning system (B) makes it very easy to tension the chain. Simply release the sprocket cover and turn the thumb wheel to set the optimum tension. No tools needed.
STIHL Electric Motor (EC)
The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.
Ematic chain lubrication system
The STIHL Ematic chain lubrication system provides maximum lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption that conventional methods of chain lubrication. The oil consumption can therefore be reduced by up to 50%.
QuickStop Super Chain brake (Q)
Additional braking system for increased safety, designed by STIHL. The chain does not only stop if kickback is sufficiently strong or during active actuation of the front hand guard, but also when you release the rear handle. Chain over run is stopped within seconds, helping to protect the user.
Neutral battery position
The battery can be inserted into the tool in 2 stages. In the first neutral position, the battery is secured in the tool but does not connect with the contacts, allowing for safe transport. In the second operating position, the battery is completely inserted allowing for full operation of the tool.
Transparent chain oil tank
The transparent tank allows the chain oil level to be easily checked without having to remove the oil filler cap.
Comfortable control handle
The soft black rear control handle ensures a safe and secure grip when in use. The control lever features a interlock system for added safety.
Designed for comfort
The ergonomically shaped front handle and soft rear control handle allow for a comfortable and stable grip in all working positions.

Technical data

Brand – Stihl
Power Type – Battery
Rated Voltage – 36V
Guide Bar Type – Rollomatic E Mini
Guide Bar Length – 12″ / 30cm
Chain Pitch – 1/4″
Chain Gauge – .043″
Chain Type – PM3 Picco Micro
Chain Brake – Yes
Chain Tensioner – Quick Chain Tensioning
Chain Oiler – Automatic
Recommended Battery – Stihl AK 30
Vibration Levels – 4.3 / 4.8 m/s² (left/right)
Noise Levels – 96dB(A)
Weight (Excluding bar, chain & battery) – 2.6kg
Domestic Warranty – 2 Years
Run Time with AK 10 battery – 15 mins
Run Time with AK 20 battery – 35 mins
Run Time with AK 30 battery – 45 mins


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