Stihl RMA443TC Cordless Lawnmower 41cm Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger

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Product Description

The Stihl RMA443TC Cordless Lawnmower 41cm Promo Kit with 2x Batteries & Charger is one of the versatile battery-powered lawn mowers from the STIHL range. It is ideal for medium-sized gardens, where its good traction thanks to the 1-speed drive enables it to master even uneven passages The necessary energy is provided by the STIHL PRO battery system using powerful lithium-ion batteries. The motor is optimised for smooth operation and features an eco mode. The flow-optimised blade has likewise been streamlined for efficiency. Its cutting width of 41 cm and the cutting height adjustment with 6 settings make the battery-powered lawn mower a true all-rounder. To make mowing easy for you, the RMA 443 TC has been equipped with a mono-comfort handlebar that is comfortable to grip and easy to adjust. The grass catcher box has also been designed for ease of handling. This model can be retrofitted with the mulching function if you want to fertilise your garden again directly with the accumulated clippings.


1 x Stihl RMA 443 TC lawn mower

2 x Stihl AP 200 battery

1 x Stihl AL 101 battery charger

Standard Features

Mono-comfort handlebar
The height-adjustable mono comfort handlebar can be adapted to any body height and provides a comfortable grip for effortless work. Moreover, the grass catcher box can be removed and attached extremely easily and comfortably.
Carrying handles
Integrated handles on the product housing allows for easy handling, loading and tipping of the machine. It makes lifting easier and also acts as a bumper to protect the housing in the event of an accidental collision.
Innovative grass catcher box
Thanks to its innovative opening feature, the grass catcher box is easy to empty. The air and dust are gently discharged onto the ground through the special designed vents.
Flow-optimised blades
The flow-optimised blades trim the grass with minimal resistance. This saves battery capacity and increases coverage.
Central cutting height adjustment
The cutting height can be adjusted to one its levels via a lever. The desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted with the aid of a sprung-loaded mechanism via the handle on the left-hand side of the housing.
Polymer housing
The housing of STIHL lawn mowers is made of high impact, heat and UV resistant polymer.
Easy-running wheels
Large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running. The tread pattern provides better traction and allows for easy cleaning.
Foldable handlebar
Thanks to the foldable handlebar, STIHL lawn mowers are easy to transport and convenient to store.
Eco mode
When Eco mode is activated, the engine speed is automatically adapted to suit the required power, for long-lasting mowing with maximum energy efficiency.
Depending on the model, STIHL self propelled lawn mowers are equipped with drive. Just set the lever and the mower sets itself in motion. Ideal for large areas of grass.

*Subject to online registration and annual servicing. Battery has 2 year domestic warranty.


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