Toro 51136T Powerplex 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Unit Only)

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Product Description

The Toro 51136T Powerplex 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Unit Only) Designed for homeowners with more work to do than time to get it done; homeowners who appreciate the century of innovation and durability established by time-tested Toro products.

Toro’s new family of cordless 40V PowerPlex™ Lithium+Ion garden tools give you more power and save you more time with an interchangeable T90 battery CHARGES IN JUST 60 MINUTES.

Three of the five products in the PowerPlex line carry a BRUSHLESS MOTOR, providing a more powerful, more efficient, and longer life than their brushed motor counter-parts.

Featuring a 3 YEAR FULL WARRANTY, Toro’s PowerPlex products are backed by one of the best garden tool warranties in the industry, keeping you running season after season.

  • 61 cm Hardened steel Blades – Sturdy, thick and robust
  • 90° Rotating Handle – Quick, easy vertical trimming
  • Dual-Action Cutting System – Reduces vibration
  • 18 mm Cutting Diameter – Cuts through branches effortlessly


Battery Power
T90 Battery*
40-Volt Max, 2.5 Amp-Hour, 90 Watt-Hour
T180 Battery* (Model 88526 – Compatible)
40-Volt Max, 5.0 Amp-Hour, 180 Watt-Hour

Quick Charger (Model 88527) – Fully charges in 60 minutes

Cutting Bar Length
61 cm

Handle Design
Rotating Handle

Rotating Handle

3-Year Full on Tools, 1-Year Full on Batteries***

3.85 kg

*Battery manufacturer rating = 40V maximum & 36V nominal. Actual voltage varies with load.
**Based on low speed, free run laboratory testing of product. †150 x 150 mm Timber
***See owner’s manual for details on warranty coverage.


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