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Kress Robotik Mega KR136E Robotic Lawnmower – Up to 6500m²

We’re able to offer delivery of this product nationwide, as well as a professional installation service within 50 miles of EX2 (Exeter).

£3,999.00 (inc VAT)

In stock

SKU: 26-KR136E

The Kress Robotik Mega KR136E is the latest robotic mower platform from Kress. For the first time, these mowers feature double blades and a cutting width of up to 35 cm. The unique in-wheel drive ensures more precise, quieter mowing.

The Mega KR136E represents a new Kress milestone that combines efficiency with performance, intelligence and unbeatable reliability. For an area performance of over 6,000m².


OAS Obstacle Avoidance System
INTIVA Intelligent Navigation Technology
Regenerative Brake System
Side Trim Technology
Side Charge
Remote Mobile Control Phone
Multi-Zone Programming
Forward and Reverse Rotation Blade
Safety First: Instant Blade Stop When Lift Up
Rain Sensor
3-blade Cutting/Mulching System
Double Mowing Plates
In-wheel Drive
Floating Mowing Deck
IPX5 Water Spray Protection

Ready for Endless Area Performance?
The KRESS MEGA KR136E features the multi-mower function as a standard: Several robotic mowers operate within a single boundary wire, so you can easily mow a football field using two KR136E.

Improve your lawn health with INVITA
Your MISSION continually optimizes its route during mowing. It easily negotiates even tight spots without wasting time. What that means for you is less mowing time and more time to enjoy your lawn.

Our Slope Climber
On downhill slopes, a recuperative braking system brakes the Mission. The kinetic energy generated here is converted into electricity that extends the battery runtime.

No more Raggy Lawn Edges
Unlike other robotic mowers, MISSION models mow right up to the lawn edges thanks to the off-center mowing plate. The patented safety guard ensures safe operation.



Cutting Width

35cm (14")


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