Engine Oil Change Kit For All 4-Stroke Petrol Engine Garden Machinery

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Product Description

Perfect for lawnmowers, scarifiers, pressure washers & generators.

The quick & easy way to remove old engine oil via your dipstick hole on 4-stroke machinery.

Oil extractor suction pump with hose, funnel & waste oil disposal bag.

This engine oil removal kit has been developed to provide everything required to successfully drain oil cleanly and efficiently from all 4-stroke petrol lawnmowers, scarifiers, pressure washers, generators, water pumps and rotavators.

Includes 1X syringe with hose, 1X funnel & waste bag.

This pump is only to be used for removal of oil, not for storage. return used oil to an approved waste collection centre.


Can this be used for other makes of lawnmowers as well as Hyundai?

Yes this can be used on all popular 4-stroke petrol engine lawnmowers.


How often should I change my lawnmower engine oil?

It is recommended to change the engine every 100 hours or annually.


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