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Honda HF2622HM Ride On Mower

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Product Description

The Honda HF2622HM garden tractor is packed full of cutting-edge and innovative features that maximise cutting and collecting performance while ensuring a comfortable and relaxing ride.

When it comes to collecting grass cuttings, airflow is critical. The new Honda HF2622HM lawn tractor features a new blade and cutter deck that incorporates twin fans to draw more air in; and at the back a smoother, wider rear chute and fluted mesh grass bag allow more air to flow through. This new “Optiflow” system results in more clippings been collected into the grass bag than ever before.

Ergonomically designed controls offer new levels of comfort and safety with intuitive foot pedals, a high-back adjustable seat, easy access rear fuel filler and a full diagnostic LED dash. The electronic dash will inform you of grass bag levels, operator correctly seated, gear in neutral before starting engine, parking brake fully engaged and much more.

If you have a large lawn or outside space, park or sports ground to look after, you’ll understand and appreciate the comfort, performance and extra cutting width that the Honda HF2622HM lawn tractor offers. This lawn tractor has smooth push-button blade engagement and hydrostatic drive which will help you cut large areas of of lawn with perfect results, at a pace that suits you.

Honda’s V-twin engines deliver the highest standards of smooth power and superior reliability, combined with premium features including automatic headlights (which switch on when it starts to gets dark) and audible grass-full indicator.

Honda HF2315HM Garden Tractor features Honda’s new Optiflow System. The key to good grass collecting performance is a powerful and controlled air flow. So Honda’s Research and Development (R&D) team developed Optiflow, a system that combines powerful suction with controlled and low turbulence air flow that reduces power loss, noise and grass accumulation.

With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow selective mulching system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser. If your grass is long or rough, you can mow your garden and just collect grass clippings in the grass bag. But if your grass has grown only a little, or it has just rained and you still want to cut your lawn, you can select mulching, and by doing so fertilise your grass at the same time. Or, you can keep your grass tidy and collect the clippings in one area of the garden and with the simple push of a lever then do a rough cut in other areas of the garden. Whatever you decide, you can do it with the same machine, no mulching kit to add, nothing to bolt in.

There are two kinds of cutter decks: one with asynchronous blades and one with synchronous blades. Cutter decks with asynchronous blades use two independent unsynchronised blades that are slightly offset. Cutter decks with synchronous blades use two blades that are synchronised with a timing belt to keep a constant 90 degree angle. The benefits of a synchronous system are a constant cutting performance to avoid uncut areas, even when turning and better air flow under the cutter deck resulting in optimised grass collecting and a lower risk of clogging.

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  • Optiflow – A fan-powered system under the cutter deck improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air-flow grass bag, significantly improving collecting performance.
  • Professional OHV engine – The engine is specifically designed for heavy and professional use. They are over-head valve (OHV) with extra features to cope with heavy use and include a cast iron sleeve, a bearing set supporting the crank shaft, high capacity air filter and steel fan cover.
  • Anti-scalp rollers – Two front and two rear rollers prevent scalping of the ground while cutting.
  • Synchronous blade cut – The blades are kept at a constant 90° angle to provide accurate mowing and avoid any uncut area when turning
  • Honda Intelligent Monitoring System – A circuit board automatically checks and displays on the electronic dashboard all important safety parameters. The system will even turn on the lights for you automaticaly when it starts to get dark!
  • Hydrostatic transmission – Allows you to cut grass at your own pace. Forward and reverse speed is fot controlled.
  • Versamow Selective Mulching System

Technical Info

Engine :530cc OHC V-twin
Transmission :Hydrostatic
Cutting Width :101cm / 40 inch
Cutting Height :30-90mm
Grass Bag Capacity :300 litres (Electric)
Mulching :Versamow selective mulching
Turning Radius :1.8m
Fuel Tank :8.4 litres
BBC :Electric
Headlights :Automatic
Seat :Comfort Lever Adjust
Length :2480mm
Width :1050mm
Height :1120mm


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