Husqvarna TS138 Petrol Ride on Mower 97cm

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Product Description

The Husqvarna TS138 Petrol Ride on Mower is easy to use for those tending to small or medium sized gardens. Husqvarna has combined an efficient 97cm of cutting width with a maneuverable and adaptable tractor thanks to dual draglinks and an array of ergonomic, safety, and cleaning features. Fitted with a powerful Husqvarna Series petrol engine with a chokeless start, the TS138 will operate at the turn of a key. The addition of lever-controlled cutting height adjustment improves efficiency and adaptability on the go. With speed and direction connected to a pedal-operated transmission both hands can remain on the wheel in control of the mower’s pivoting front axle, ensuring combined control and comfort. Headlights increase visibility and allow operation at night.

When operating sit-on equipment for extended periods, comfort is essential. Fortunately, Husqvarna has included an adjustable, sliding and angular seat with a vinyl finish. The engine’s innovative anti-vibration system will ensure a smoother ride. Underneath the seat is a safety switch which will automatically turn the engine off if the seat is vacated, though the mower’s step-through design ensures mounting and dismounting is always a breeze. An additional cup holder allows refreshments to be kept at hand whilst mowing.

Continuing to innovate, Husqvarna has developed its air-induction mowing system. This draws clean air from above and below the deck, leading to better grass lift and a cleaner cut. The deck itself is powder-coated for durability, and includes a port for a water hose to allow quick cleaning of the deck and its underside. To further improve the quality of the cut, the mower is fitted with multiple anti-scalp rollers to prevent the scalping of grass and preserve a professional finish. All this innovation is mounted on a sturdy steel chassis, combining first-class performance with first-class reliability.

This mower can be complimented with a wide range of accessories such as a collector or a BioClip® cover which cuts grass into smaller pieces for faster decomposition and fertilisation of the lawn. Other available accessories include trailers, brushes and snowblades.



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