USWE Outlander 2 Black Hydration Backpack

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Product Description

This hydration backpack is small and streamlined so it fits snug and is almost invisible whilst you are wearing it.

Weighing only 309g, this backpack has the award winning NDM (no dancing monkey) 4 point harness which makes it 100% bounce free. The harness has stretch support which allows you to be able to move at speed in comfort.

As this is a hydration backpack, it has a durable 1.5litre bladder inside the pack with a slide opening at the top for quick filling with ice and water. This also removes easily and is fully reversible making cleaning and drying simple.

The benefits of the no dancing monkey harness are:

100% bounce free

Super stretch materials that support breathing capacity

Patented and award winning technology

Multi-size function and freedom to move


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