Hyundai HYSC-4000M 4 Amp SMART Battery Charger 6v/12v

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Product Description

Spark proof, protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge, overheat and overcurrent.
Independent selection mode for 6V or 12V batteries and memory function.
Low battery activation voltage (1V).
Built-in intelligent microprocessor makes charging faster, easier and safer.
1 year Hyundai warranty


Charger Input 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Charger Output 6VDC, 4A, 12VDC, 4A Temperature Controlled
Charger Type 8 Steps, Full Automatic Charging Cycle
Charger Battery Type All Type of 6V & 12V Lead-Acid Batteries (WET/MF/EFB/GEL/AGM)
Charger Accessories Included Cable Clamps
Charger Battery Capacity 1.2-130Ah (6V), 1.2-120Ah (12V)
Charger Features Normal / Cold Mode & 8 Hour Repair Process If Battery Voltage Is Too Low (Only For 12V Mode)
Charger Efficiency 85% Approx
Charger Power Variable Power, 70W Max
Charger Housing Protection IP54



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