Celox Gauze 10ft

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Product Description

Celox Gauze is an instinctive way of using Celox‚ to stop even severe bleeding or haemorrhage.

The Gauze has highly effective Celox granules bonded on to the surface, which will not compact under pressure. A single pack of Celox Gauze is capable of packing more than twice the wound volume of some of its competitors.

The unique, patented and natural formula for Celox works independently of the body’s clotting mechanisms to rapidly clot blood even where normal clotting is slow or impaired – saving vital time, and quickly and reliably stopping even deep arterial bleeds.

Celox Gauze is suitable for:Severe high-pressure bleeding
Arterial & venous bleeding
Bullet, blast, knife & shrapnel wounds
Wound packing
Applying through strong blood flows
Application to all bleeding wounds

Celox Gauze has been shown to:Reliably stop arterial bleeding
Quickly clot hypothermic (cold) blood
Retain its high volume even under compression.

The Celox granules bonded to Celox Gauze have been shown to:Save lives
Reduce blood loss
Clot blood containing anticoagulants like Coumadin (warfarin)

Brand – Celox

Weight – 0.75 kg


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