Stein 3.0m Wire Core Work Positioning Lanyard

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Product Description

The Stein 3.0m Wire Core Work Positioning Lanyard is constructed using a 16-strand polyester outer sheath with a 6mm (7×19) steel wire core. Both ends of the Lanyard are terminated using a crimp with a plated thimble eye inserted. This Lanyard is designed as a work positioning device or restraint used in conjunction with an approved climbing system or as a standalone work positioning / restraint device.

The device should never be used as a Fall Arrester or as part of a Fall Arrest System. The maximum rated load in accordance with these instructions is 100kg or a single user. Lanyards used for “restraint” should be of such a length that a fall situation cannot occur. Lanyards used in “work positioning” are designed to support the user when working at height and when needing a hands free environment. It may be necessary to supplement arrangements for work positioning or restraint with collective means (e.g. Safety Nets) or personal means (e.g. Fall Arrest Systems in accordance with EN363) of protection against falls from height. A Fall Arrest backup must be used if the user is not in “restraint” and there is a risk of a fall. An energy absorber must be fitted to the backup complying to EN355. The total length of a EN354 lanyard connected to an energy absorber including the energy absorber, terminations and connectors shall not exceed 2.0m.

GTIN / EAN13 – 5060483288758
Application – PPE
EWL Length – 3.0m
Diameter (mm) – 13
Material (outer) – Polyester
Material (inner) – 6mm Stainless Steel Wire
Construction – No
Applicable Standards – EN 358
Standard – EN358:1999
Manufacturer – STEIN


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