Stein Hitch Accessory Pack

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Product Description

The Stein Hitch Accessory Pack was independently tested in accordance with the regulations of EN354:2010 by SATRA using the Stein “Copious” TAC tied in a Michigan Hitch configuration with a Stein “Skywalker” Pulley and a Stein Oval Karabiner as an adjuster.

This kit contains the following items:
1 x STEIN SS-1H6002 “Skywalker” Pulley
2 x STEIN SS-1H8411 Oval Karabiners
1 x STEIN SS-1EM0070 Copious TAC
1 x STEIN SS-1H0004-2 Retention Rubbers

(This kit does not include the Lanyard or snap)


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