Switch Your Stihl KombiSystem to Battery Power

STIHL have further expanded their AP System cordless range with the introduction of the KMA 130 R and KMA 135 R KombiEngines. These Lithium-Ion battery powered engine units power all the existing attachments within the KombiTool line up, except the FSB-KM bent shaft grass trimmer, giving you the option to carry out your jobs quietly, with the added bonus of no exhaust fumes. An added benefit of the cordless KombiEngines is that they are quiet, which makes them ideal if you need to work in noise-sensitive areas, such as near schools or in urban areas. If you have a petrol KombiEngine, this is a really simple way to convert to battery power using your existing Kombi attachments, so if you’re looking to upgrade, take a look at the cordless KombiEngine options below.

The cordless KMA 130 R Engine Unit

KMA 130 R KombiEngine

Weighing in at a low 3.2 kg, this lightweight tool is easy to handle and perfectly balanced. The design of the KMA 130 R KombiEngine allows all the weight of the battery to be worn either around the waist (using an AP battery, battery belt and a power adaptor) or on the back (using an AR L backpack battery).

STIHL KMA 135KMA 135 R KombiEngine

The robust and powerful KMA 135 R KombiEngine weighs 3.4 kg, and like the KMA 130 R it’s easy to handle and has great balance. KMA

The KMA 135 R has an AP battery slot in the machine though. This means you don’t need to use a battery belt or backpack battery with connecting cable, although this does mean that the tool itself will weigh more with the battery inserted. Both have different benefits so just think about how you are going to use the tools, and don’t forget to visit us to feel the weight and balance of both machines.

The KMA 135 R has an easy-to-clean metal mesh air filter which allows for optimum motor cooling and a longer service life. It’s also fitted with a mounting point for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A, which will be available in late 2021.

Both cordless KombiEngines have three power settings (displayed using LEDs on the control handle) combined with a variable trigger, which give full control of the Kombi attachment, so the speed or power of the machine can be tailored to the job at hand. The soft, rubberised control handle and the durable loop handle make the KombiEngines comfortable to use too.

Both machines offer impressive working times, which you can view below. And remember, AP System batteries are compatible across all of the machines in the range – which includes over 30 tools in total!

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