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When you think of gardening tools, do you automatically envision grey stainless steel tools with a black or brown handle? It doesn’t have to be that way. Have you seen the Julie Dodsworth collection? Now there’s a collection that takes gardening to a whole new, beautiful level. Julie Dodsworth is a well known artist who lives on a canal boat and creates flowery decorations with just three colours: blue, pink and green. Her designs are created around the English rose, which she suitably named the Flower Girl collection.

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In this collection you’ll find all sorts of things that you need to work in the garden.  What is the first thing you reach for when you go outside? Wellington boots, right? Now regular Wellington boots are black or khaki, not the most flattering footwear. Julie Dodsworth’s Wellington boots look and feel like regular Wellington boots, but are strewn with pink roses, which makes them much prettier.

To protect your clothes you probably wear an apron. Only, from now on, you don’t have to wear a dull khaki apron, you can have something more elegant. The apron itself is blue, but the three pockets are adorned with flowers.

In the same collection there also a toolbelt, a bag, gloves, a watering can, shears, and a handheld spade, fork, and much more. All in all, 31 different items among 37 products.

Julie Dodsworth also created the Orangery Collection. In this collection she depicts orange and yellow flowers and green leaves against a soft green background.
Take for instance her Orangery apron. The apron itself is soft green, but the pockets show a band of flowers.

The Wellington boots are strew with flowers, but the top trimming is green, while the soles of the boots are pink.

The same with the toolbelt. The belt itself is green, but decorated with orange and yellow flowers. If you don’t need a whole toolbelt, but just a little pouch, you got it. The collection includes a pouch with two pockets, fitting garden shears and a small item.

Other than Wellington boots and an apron, you’ll have a choice of rubber clogs, goat hide gloves, triple packs, kneelers, hand tools, a watering can, garden bags, socks, a tape measure, a tool box, a hammer and screwdriver set, boot bags, a torch, tins, buckets and troughs, and casual and shopper bags.

With these two collections, not only will your garden look its best, but so will you.

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