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If you need a spark plug for a scooter, motorcycle, car, a piece of garden machinery, or if you need a set of connectors for any of those engine types, Radmore & Tucker have what you need. We carry a large selection of the best spark plugs and connectors for your machines needs, and we strive to give you the best spark plug price possible without sacrificing overall quality.

For the price, we believe that you won’t find better quality than NGK spark plugs. All of our NGK plugs are made in Japan and are specifically designed to help you get the job done. We highly recommend them for any piece of small engine garden machinery, but they will also work in any engine, as long as it is designed for the size and type of spark plug offered.

If you’re looking for something that will last a bit longer than a traditional spark plug, as many consumers are, then we suggest our NGK iridium spark plugs. Iridium allows not only for smaller diameter spark plugs to be made, but it also allows those same spark plugs to keep working at peak efficiency for longer than a more traditionally engineered plug. We carry only the best NGK iridium spark plugs, again because of the quality and the price point that we can pass along to you. NGK spark plugs are the plug of choice for car enthusiasts, street racers, professional race teams, and landscapers all over the world.

As well as seeing to all of your spark plug needs, we also carry resistor spark plug caps, which are also commonly known as connectors. While generally not used in automobiles, these can be essential parts of scooters, motorcycles, or small garden machinery engines. This is because in such engines an extra connection is needed between the spark plug’s electrode and the engine, but it just isn’t practical, or safe to use longer cables like in an automobile. All of our NGK spark plug connectors are generic, and all you need to know is the correct shape in order to get the right one. As long as the shape is right, they will work with any of our spark plugs and any engine.