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Safety should be the first concern when tackling any project involving the potential for personal injury. Here at Radmore & Tucker we supply a number of accessories which are intended to provide superior levels of protection during challenging situations. Ear and eye protection is a subject that should never be overlooked and thanks to the variety of items that we have to offer, encountering the best product based off of your individual needs is always a reality.

Unlike a strained back or a sore shoulder, damage to our ears and eyes can cause permanent consequences. For example, exposure to excessive levels of noise (such as those associated with a chainsaw) has been associated with a condition known as tinnitus and even a loss of hearing. It is a foregone conclusion that protecting the eyes is just as critical. A piece of foreign debris kicked up by the action of a chainsaw can easily damage a cornea. The use of professional ear and eye protection is therefore critical. In fact, many organisations consider this category of PPE (personal protective equipment) mandatory.

There is no room for error in regards to protecting our sight and our hearing. This is why at Radmore & Tucker we have partnered with some of the best names in the industry. We work with well-respected firms such as STIHL, Stein and Husqvarna. All of these companies build products to last and safety is always their top priority. When there is little margin for error, why select anything but the most trusted brands and accessories?

We believe that encountering the most appropriate item for your needs should not be a complicated process. This is why we have placed our selection of eye and ear protection products on a single page. Some of the accessories offered include high-contrast safety glasses, sound-dampening earmuffs and full face shields. The wearer can remain confident that he or she will be protected at all times; an understandable concern when dealing with potentially dangerous equipment.

Please examine these products in more detail and if you have any further questions, a Radmore & Tucker representative is always here to assist.