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An indispensable tool in the garden, sprayers, be they hand held ones or backpack pump sprayers, are every gardeners friend in the constant, never-ending fight against weeds, insects, moss and fungus; taking the hard work out of dealing with these regular garden menaces. Due to their efficient distribution, sprayers make the distribution of chemicals a simpler, quicker and more effective job, and can take much of the labour out of keeping your plants pest and disease free.

Handheld and Backpack Sprayers are also useful for effective feeding of plants, with the wide coverage provided by a sprayer guaranteeing that soluble fertilisers and feeds get to every part of the plant that needs them. But it's important to work out which sprayer will be best for you. It is equally important to ensure no cross-contamination between chemicals, so it's best to have a specific sprayer for a specific job.

Here at Radmore & Tucker we have a wide range of sprayers to suit most gardens. From handheld sprayers to backpack pump sprayers, we've got the sprayer that will suit you, from a windowbox all the way up to a full-sized garden. Our range of sprayers from highly regarded manufacturer Stihl represent high quality and excellent performance. Their durability and reliability make Stihl the choice of many professional gardeners, and you can apply that knowhow and expertise to getting the most out of your garden, too. They are all easy to operate and maintain.

Handheld sprayers are ideal for small scale jobs, or for precision treeatment of one plant amongst many, say for example removing an insect infestation from one plant whilst not discouraging pollinators to the bed as a whole. Also useful for indoor and greenhouse work, a good handheld sprayer can help you get the most out of your greenhouse grown plants, applying tomato feed couldn't be simpler.

Backpack garden sprayers are suitable for bigger jobs. With a range of backpack weed sprayers from Stihl we can take the strain out of spraying larger areas and help you find the best backpack sprayer for you. Featuring comfortably moulded back panels, these sprayers are adjustable for precision or broad-spectrum spraying. Pump handles are available on the right or left hand side, and they have ergonomically designed shut off valves. In all, these sprayers are designed to make spraying your garden as pleasurable and straightforward an experience as possible. Why make life hard for yourself?