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To ensure that your gardening tools work efficiently and last for many years, they need to be looked after and maintained on a regular basis. Cleaning the tools and storing them correctly after every use will help keep them in the best working order. Part of the regular maintenance process is making sure you use the correct oil, fuel and lubricants from trusted manufacturers who are well-known for making gardening equipment. Order from our selection of quality consumables and look after your tools, whether they are used in domestic or professional circumstances. We have a full range of spark plugs and caps at competitive prices for use on lawn mowers, tractors and any other motors requiring a replacement. We also offer spare parts and accessories for chainsaws, pressure washers and many other tools. Search for the part you need, and we can delivery it quickly straight to your door.

For 2 stroke and 4 stroke oil to use in gardening equipment, we have the best brands available. They come in 1 litre bottles, and for a more economical way to buy oil, purchase our 5 litre containers. If you need to mix fuels, then order one of our mixing jugs with measuring marks that ensure you blend the fuels accurately every time. We also have a range of top quality petrol cans for safely transporting fuel to the garden or allotment. For carrying two types or fuel, or petrol and oil, there are combi cans available that store these securely side by side. For replacement parts, there are petrol can caps and filling spouts as well as some longer spouts which help fill difficult to reach tanks.

Lubricants are important to ensure machinery works efficiently at all times. Chainsaw oil for high-performance tools slows down wear and tear and a top quality lubricant should always be used. We carry a variety of lubricants in different forms such as sprays, wipes and tubes.

Look through our gardening equipment oils, cleaners and spare parts to keep your valuable gardening equipment in top working order. We despatch our products quickly so they reach you, ready to use, within days. Return to us for all your gardening needs around the home or industrial use.