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When working at heights or under a strict time frame, accessing important tools at a moment's notice is obviously important. However, the primary concern is that most workers need to have both hands free in order to ensure their safety. Tool strops and slings will obviously come in “handy” during such situations. Here at Radmore & Tucker, we are proud to be able to provide some of the most trusted designs which are recognised throughout the industry. What variants are currently available and why are we the go-to firm when nothing but the best will do?

The majority of slings will allow a tool (such as a chainsaw) to hang below the user at a safe distance while still ensuring that it can be retrieved within only seconds when required. Of course, the length of the strop itself will depend upon the type of implement being used as well as the unique situation that is encountered during daily operations. Radmore and Tucker has therefore made it a point to offer a wide selection of designs to choose from. Let us take a brief look at a handful of unique examples:

  • Endless loops
  • Cut-away straps
  • Webbing loops
  • Bungee strops

Reliability should never be taken for granted and in order to provide our customers with longevity over time, we have chosen to work with industry-recognised names such as Stein, Husqvarna and Treehog.

No two forestry tasks are ever alike and in order to accommodate discrete needs, clients can choose from options such as high-visibility fabrics, expandable bungee attachments, strops specifically designed for tools such as chainsaws and protection sleeves for even more resistance to fraying over time. Some units are even designed with a built-in carabiner. Of course, the weight limits of each will vary in regards to the maximum safe working load (SWE). This is why it is always a good idea to take a look at each design in greater detail so that the correct one is selected.

Radmore and Tucker spares no expense when it comes to safety, versatility and reliability. If nothing but the best forestry and gardening equipment will do, you have indeed come to the right place. Feel free to utilise our rapid check-out form in order to procure your professional tool strop today.