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A dedicated tool is all very well, but it can be frustrating when you pack in a number of tools to attend to your gardening, and you discover that there are vital tools missing. A multi-tool becomes a lifesaver when you don’t have the right tool to use in a given situation. These multi-tools with their comfortable, ergonomic handle designs, are versatile and portable, combining a number of tool’s functions in just one tool. They also come with a number of attachments to tackle a variety of tasks.

These garden multi-tool sets are truly a cost-effective way of avoiding having a host of powered gardening tools in your garden shed. You just have one nifty machine. One engine unit will power each of the separate tools which also come with add-on attachments.

If you have a tiny garden, there’s no need to go and buy a host of different machines and equipment and wonder where you’ll store them all. With a multi-purpose garden tool, you can complete many lawn and garden chores with just the one machine, and quietly store it in a small corner till you next need it again.

At Radmore and Tucker we always have different brands on hand so that everyone with different budgets can benefit from the versatility of these multi-tool engines. Stihl is just one of these excellent brands and you’ll quickly realise this when you see it in action in your garden.

With their hardworking engines which readily accept a host of interchangeable attachments, you can easily customise your engine to suit your specific gardening needs. With such a nifty all-in-one engine, you’ll be trimming, cutting, pruning, blowing and aerating all with one engine – it will look as though an entire garden services team has been at work when all along its just one multi-tool engine.

Quick and Easy Gardening

A typical garden multi tool engine will have useful garden tools such as a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, blower, brush cutter and line trimmer included. Now there’s no excuse to let your garden grow too wild as you can now seriously accomplish so much more work with these all-in-one devices.